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Poor Cheryl Cole has returned home to recover from her malaria hell after being bitten by a mosquito in Tanzania with Derek Hough.

If you’re jetting off to an exotic location that’s a malaria risk area this summer:

* Tell your doctor which countries and regions you will be visiting. Malaria parasites are resistant to different types of malaria tablet in different countries, so you need to be sure you’re taking the right ones
* Ask your doctor when you should start taking the medication and how long you should take it for. It is essential that you complete the course of tablets
* Avoid mosquito bites by using insect repellent. Repellent containing DEET is particularly effective
* Keep your arms and legs covered after sunset
* Ensure the area where you are sleeping is properly screened and air conditioned if possible. Use a knockdown’ spray to kill any mosquitoes
* Sleep under an insecticide impregnated mosquito net

As Cheryl discovered, none of these measures offer total protection so you develop a fever or feel ill whilst abroad, you should consult a doctor.

And you develop malarial symptoms up to one year after leaving a malarial region as Cheryl did, you should seek medical attention and tell the doctor you have been to country where malaria is a risk.

Shop online for Cheryl Cole inspired insect repelling beauty buys in addition to following Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s anti-malaria guidelines

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