Abbey Clancy reveals her favourite body-blitzing treatment


When you’re as gorgeous as Abbey Clancy, it’s difficult to believe she has to work at it. And it looks like she doesn’t.

‘I’m really low maintenance, and I’m not into beauty gimmicks at all,’ confesses Abbey exclusively to Now.

‘But my beauty therapist Ronnie Hilsdon recommended Arbonne Dry Body Brushing.

‘It blitzes cellulite, blasts off inches and my skin looks amazing now.

It’s great for healthy circulation too.

Abbey is so impressed, she’s planning to carry on with the beauty routine once she’s a new mum.

‘I’m definitely going to continue

with this treatment after I’ve had the baby.’

Abbey‘s International beauty therapist and independent Arbonne consultant Ronnie tells Now, ‘We are what we absorb. I love to carry out massage, facials and detox treatments giving clients ultimate relaxation using a fusion of massage techniques and Arbonne Seasource Spa products.’

For an appointment with Ronnie, call the Leo Bancroft salon on 01932 844443 or contact direct on 07813 678228.

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Alison Tay