Oh yes, singer Justin Bieber unveils his latest scentsation…

Don’t panic, Justin Bieber hasn’t split from Selena Gomez – he’s just launched his new fragrance Girlfriend.

Well, he’s actually released it in the US.

Elizabeth Arden has only just bought the fragrances and hasn’t disclosed many details yet, so we’re not sure when it’s going to hit the shops in the UK.

But we know that it will be a massive hit when it does arrive – which we hope is sooner rather than later!

Girlfriend is kind of a more mature version of Someday,’ Justin tells WWD. ‘It has some of the same scents to it, but older.

‘It’s going to be a great fragrance, and I think people are going to like it a lot.’

We at Now got our hands on the only bottle in the UK this week and can report that the fragrance – with notes of blackberry, orange blossom and jasmine – is more sophisticated than Justin‘s first scent Someday.

Girlfriend is just perfect for all you ‘grown-up’ Beliebers out there!

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Charmian Harris