Verdicts from our fave beauty vloggers, so you can decide for yourself!

Makeup is always evolving but how do you ever know whether something is actually worth splashing out on?


Every week there’s a new launch, a new innovation or a new shade and we can’t try them all, arghhhh! But that’s where YouTubers come in, with a network of beauty lovers all over the world, now we can watch an online review before we actually commit to it ourselves, phew! When Dior launched the Airflash Spray on Foundation everyone (including us!) wanted to try it but at £33.50 it’s not exactly pocket money so here’s what our fave YouTubers had to say;

“It smells like an old woman that has lots of money!” @ItsJudyTime


Haha! But then she went on to say how flawless it looked and how soft it feels on her skin plus it lasted really well throughout the day – result!


Next we checked out what @Lookingforlewys thought…

“Ooh that’s got a strong smell! I do like the foundation, it’s got a medium coverage but I don’t think the spray is necessary.” he said over on his YouTube channel!


What do you think? Would you splash out on £33.50 for this spray on foundation too? If so head over to House of Fraser to get some too and don’t forget to check out Vlog Squad magazine, on sale now for loads more beauty tips from your fave Vloggers, including Zoella and Tanya Burr!