Charlie from MK1 rocks urban nail art

Tulisa Contostavlos reckons MK1 are the dark horses of The X Factor and we agree with her.

Charlie and Sim rocked the stage on Saturday night and even though they’ve been through the show’s makeover machine, they’ve actually managed to hold on to their urban style.

And if you were watching closely enough at the weekend, you’d have spotted that Charlie had some cool art on her nails.

Manicurist-to-the-stars Sophy Robson was backstage at The X Factor doing all the contestants’ nails and posted a close-up picture of Charlie‘s manicure (featuring MK1‘s logo) on her @nailporn Twitter account.

She also Tweeted that Ella Henderson had Tulisa‘s face on her nails!

With Sophy doing nails on The X Factor, we can be sure that nail art is going to be massive on the show this year. About time too!

Charmian Harris