Zoe’s changed up her look again and it’s too amazing

Just lately Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella has been changing her hairstyle a lot! Like every other day in fact. First there were the long sleek extensions she got put in for a fashion shoot…


And of course she looked incredible with long wavy hair, it was like the Zoella we remembered from her first tutorials all over again. But as soon as they were in they were back out again and she moved on to a new obsession, corkscrew curls.


Zoe got her hair curled for a shoot she was doing with her brother, Joe for their new calendar and posted about it on her YouTube chanel. They were dressed up and styled like they were kids again which meant getting crazy curls that actually really suited her.

After the shoot she’s been doing the curls herself at home and posting cute selfies that we love! And now she’s gone and got another style at cool London salon Samantha Cusick…


She’s gone for a brighter, blonder, balayage style which is a little bit more grown up and totally gorgeous, Zoe posted this photo on her Instagram account with the caption “Loving my newly coloured & freshly trimmed hair all courtesy of @samantha.cusick


And it wasn’t long before Zoella was back with the corkscrew curls and looking fabulous!


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What do you think of Zoella’s new locks? Which style do you like the best?