X Factor star Cheryl talks exclusively to Now


X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has become the first British face of L’Oréal since Kate Moss in 1998 – and it feels good.

‘I keep saying the word surreal, but it does feel surreal,’ Cheryl tells Now in an exclusive interview.

‘Even within Girls Aloud we’d always say to each other: “Your hair looks nice today,” and we’d all reply: “It’s because I’m worth it!”

‘They can’t believe I’m a L’Oréal girl. They were sending me messages saying this is unreal! I want to be with them when the ad comes out.’

Cheryl wears hair extensions and doesn’t feel glamorous with short hair.

‘When we first got in the band, everyone was like: “We’re going to give you a makeover”,’ she recalls.

‘At the time I was nearly 2st overweight and had a moon face! I love the cropped look and admire it on other people, but I’m not brave enough to do it myself.

‘It’s not a good look.’

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Charmian Harris