Teenager Ella Henderson already has a trademark look

Not only has X Factor golden girl Ella Henderson got her signature sound nailed down, she already has as an amazing rockabilly look.

(My colleague who think it looks like a cowpat on her head can think again…)

To get Ella‘s retro look, take a square section from the top of your head and section it with a clip, so it’s out of the way – then whip back the remainder of your hair into a pony, a bun, a pleat, a braid, a bow, or even leave it down.

To create Ella‘s victory roll, tong the whole of the top section around a large barrel tong such as the Tresemmé Volume Curl Tong, £26, keep it all rolled up and use a section clip to keep it in place while it cools down. Leave at least half an hour for your roll to cool down and set.

If you’re running late, blast with the cool setting on your hairdryer.

Once cool, remove the section clip and let down the roll, brush it out with a soft bristle Mason Pearson brush. Using the brush, loosely back-brush this section.

Spray a light mist of Tresemmé Freeze Hold Hair Spray, £4.69 all over your back-brushed section and smooth out with your hair brush. While you’re doing this, roll the hair back on itself into a roll, and finally pin into place.

Alison Tay