Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth didnt imagine himself as a Hollywood A-lister

Chris Hemsworth, 32, might be one of Hollywood’s biggest stars but originally he wanted to be a doctor. Who knew eh!? Here’s 11 facts about the US hotty…


He’s a serious hottie…
Yep, we can see that! Chris is adored by millions around the world and last year he was voted People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. He was also on Glamour magazine’s 50 Sexiest Men Of 2013 list.

…but he used to look VERY different
The Aussie actor hasn’t always been a hunk. In 2002, he made his acting debut aged 18 in a TV series called Guinevere Jones, playing King Arthur. With his long hair and baby face, it’s clear Chris has grown into his looks!

Sibling rivalry?
Chris’s older brother Luke, 33, and younger brother Liam, 25, are also actors. On one occasion, Hunger Games star Liam was left riled when he thought a journalist had called him Chris, snapping: ‘It’s Liam.’ The red-faced reporter told him his own name was Chris and he was just
introducing himself. Er, do we sense some brotherly competition here?

Social media-phobe
While most A-listers are all over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Chris is quite the opposite. He only posted his first Tweet in March this year and doesn’t have an Instagram account, so sadly we can’t swoon over his personal pics. Boo.

Acting wasn’t always his dream
‘I remember being in high school. Every week I had a different idea about what I wanted to do,’ Chris has revealed. ‘One week it was: “Ah, I’m gonna be a doctor.” The next it was: “I’m bound to be a professional sports player.” Then I’d want to be a police officer. Or a lawyer.’

He’s got the moves
Shortly before quitting his role as Kim Hyde in long-running soap Home And Away in July 2007, Chris took part in Australia’s Dancing With The Stars.
He remained in the competition for six weeks before finally being voted out. Not too shabby, Chris!

Surfer dude
Being born and raised in Australia, it’s no surprise that he’s a surfing fanatic.Chris is often snapped taking to the waves and admits it gives him
‘a rush’. He says: ‘I’d nearly always rather be surfing.’

Body of a superhero
Playing warrior god Thor in four films and counting, Chris has had to work extremely hard to build a super-fit physique, gaining 20lb of muscle. He did it by upping his cardio, revealing his routine consists of: ‘Mainly boxing and [combat sport] Muay Thai, with some elements of weights. It was certainly exhausting at times, but I prefer to be training than not. It gives me more energy and I just generally feel better about myself. I feel like I’ve earnt that beer at the end of the week.’ Chris also revealed that he sticks to a healthy diet of chicken breasts, fish, vegetables and
brown rice.

His childhood nickname was Kip
No, he didn¹t get called ‘kip’ because of a love of kippers or having a mid-afternoon shuteye. He actually got the nickname because he couldn¹t say Christopher properly and would instead say ‘Kiptader’. Aww.

All loved-up with wife Elsa
Chris married Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in December 2010, just three months after they first went public with their relationship. They have three children: India, three, and one-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha. When they’re not spending time with the kids, Chris and Elsa, 39, have been spotted on date nights, which when they’re in London include trips to Notting Hill’s Electric Cinema and restaurant Dans Le Noirs, where guests eat in the dark. How romantic!

He snacks on Vegemite
When asked what his favourite nibbles are, Chris, ­ whose latest film Vacation hits cinemas on 21 August ­ confessed: ‘Whatever I’ve got in my cupboard, which usually isn’t much! Most likely Vegemite [the Aussie version of Marmite] and Saladas [Aussie crackers].’

WOAH! Chris Hemsworth’s sexy wife Elsa Pataky is my new fitspiration