Cara Delevingne kicks ass and we love her! Here's 16 reasons why

Cara, Cara, Cara Delevingne. Since we first clapped eyes on you modeling for ASOS back in the day, we always knew you were going to be a superstar.

You’re a model, a best mate to some really cool pals (which we’d like to be a part of) and now, an aspiring actress! Here are 16 reasons you’re taking over the world and we’re falling for you!

1. You can beat box…in Balmain. Yes some of us have attempted some basic beatboxing at 3am at the back of a bus on the way home from a night out but you just killed it on Jimmy Fallon. But you didn’t just nail it, you did it in style wearing AW15 Balmain which is leagues away from the high street dress we’re wearing.

2. You’re an awesome model. Walking opening for Burberry, walking in Paris for Chanel, working it for Stella McCartney, being the face of Fendi… I mean the list is endless and she even won an award for it! But this isn’t the only thing our Brit is good at…

3. She can act! Yes, who’da thought?! She literally isn’t JUST a pretty face – and what a face that is! Her first movie was a small part in Anna Karenina in 2012 then she had her first big break playing Melanie in The Face of An Angel. There’s also London Fields, Paper Towns, Pan to name a few and we’re really looking forward to seeing her in Suicide Squad alongside Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Talking of #SquadGoals…

4. She’s becoming a voice for young people – always one to express how to be yourself and true to who you are, Cara recently spoke openly about her bisexuality and telling The New York Times ‘I am who I am’ after openly talking to Vogue last month about being bi and was upset by people calling it a ‘phase’. She told The New York Times that it ‘is not a phase’. Preach!

5. Cara has around 18 tattoos! 18! Including one of the word ‘bacon’ on the sole of her foot – she’s obsessed with the animal product and is desperate for the bacon emoji to happen. Aren’t we all?!

6. Those brows. She really has #BrowGoals and we can’t get enough of them. For those of you who are still over plucking puurrrlease… STOP. NOW!

7. Cara loves a onesie and she’s just like us! Animal ones are her fave and it seems like she has a few – from pandas to unicorn onesies.

8. She can count model and mum Jourdan Dunn a friend, Taylor Swift, Suki Waterhouse, Sienna Miller, Pharell Williams and how can we forget her gorgeous sisters Poppy and Chloe Delevingne. There isn’t anyone this girl isn’t mates with and we wouldn’t mind being added to the list too.

9. She’s a bit of a crazy-cat. And I think we all have one of those mates! Cara’s not afraid to pull a face, stick out her tongue and jump around!

10. Her off duty style is incredible. Her clothes are as bright and whacky as her personality. From bright bomber jackets to trainers that have cute bunny ears. We constantly find ourselves wanting to raid her off duty wardrobe more than her designer!

11. She eats! You know those silly rumors about models that don’t eat, survive off cigs and diet cokes? Not this one. Cara is a fan of her food and isn’t afraid to take a picture eating it or wearing it! She’s dressed up as a burger with X Factor judge pal Rita Ora and has a tshirt that says ‘WTF’ – Where’s the food?! A question we too are constantly asking!

12. She loves to party – if there’s a D-Floor, she’ll most likely be on it!

13. She definitely brought back the beanie. Sorry Craig David, but this G definitely looks better in one than you did in the 90s.

14. Did we mention she can sing?! She performed an performance of ‘Sonnentanz’ (Sun Don’t Shine) with Will Heard.

15. Well… She apparently had a thing with Harry Styles. Now we are jealous!

16. Oh and this!

So Cara, if you’re reading this, we just want you to know how much we ruddy love you for being who you are!

Sarah Bradbury