Adele is back baby and boy, have we missed her!


With her newly anticipated single being released today after a cheeky teaser during last Sunday nights X Factor, Adele is back with Hello.

Played this morning on Nick Grimshaw‘s Radio 1 breakfast show, it left us all feeling totes emosh!

This is the first single from Adele, 27, in three years and we couldn’t be happier that the London lady is back!

After listening to the gorgeous lady talk about her new single, it had us thinking and realising how much we’ve missed Adele and here are some of the reasons why we just LOVE Adele!

  1. She’s real. Like a real person with feelings and sings about her life. Which we like.
  2. She has a wicked laugh. If you haven’t heard it, get it on YouTube now – we actually dare you not to have a chuckle too.
  3. She burps! Yes, just before her single was played on Radio 1 this morning, Adele confessed that she might ‘belch’.
  4. She loves a supermarket! When Nick asked her what had changed, she said she can now shop at Waitrose but still loved supermarket chain Tesco.
  5. She’s relatable. She writes songs about breakups and heartache that leave us thinking about past relationships too.
  6. She’s left us singing ‘Hello… It’s me’ all day. Sorry Lionel Richie! But I think you’re famous phrase has been stolen!Lionel Richie 'Hello'
  7. She’s flawless. I mean, have you seen her skin? Un.Real and don’t even get us started on…
  8. HER WINGED EYELINER! Daaaaym girl! We’ve spent hours perfecting our Friday night cat eye but never nail it like Adele. Bravo lady! Adele
  1. Her voice. We’ve tried time and time again to hit those high notes in the car driving around but are still yet to succeed.Skyfall meme
  2. The power she has to leave us with chills and in tears. ‘Someone Like You’ makes our eyes just a bit wet.Someone Like You meme
  3. She was blessed with singing the James Bond theme tune for Skyfall. We’re gutted it never made it to Number 1 and we think she was robbed but we have a good feeling about ‘Hello’ making it to the top.
  4. She’s beautiful. There’s something about Adele that has us left in awe. She sounds like a laugh a minute and really owns an LBD. Adele
  5. She has celeb mates like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake to count on.
  6. She’s only 27 years old but is as wise as an owl. Growing up with Adele, it’s nice to see fame hasn’t changed her.
  7. She swears. Remember THAT time she gave music bosses the finger because James Corden had to cut her off at the BRIT awards because Blur had to perform?! We’re still reeling about that one Adele!
  8. She looks like she’d be hilarious on a night out and we wouldn’t mind a pint or four with her!Adele: Glamour Woman Of The Year Awards 2009 | Red Carpet | London | Pictures | Now Magazine | Celebrity Gossip

So there you have it. We love you Adele! We’ve missed you and we’re glad you’re back with a bang! Please don’t leave it so long next time and we’ll see you for that pint soon, yeah?

Now excuse us while we go and listen to Hello just a few more times… And by a few more, we mean 100.

Sarah Bradbury