And basically Kiefer Sutherland makes the world right again

Kiefer Sutherland, 47, isback on our screens in 24 as Jack Bauer after a four-year break and last week we caught up with him at the London premiere of Live Another Day.

Here’s what we learnt…

1 There are only 12 episodes to avoid it being ‘boring’

‘It’s still a 24 hour day… and all in real time, but there are gaps,’ says Kief.

‘In season two, Jack‘s stuck on a plane… It was the most boring two hours ever!’

2 Kiefer’s a massive softie

He admits he almost shed a tear when the show finished four years ago.

‘I was fine leaving the character behind, but not the crew,’ he quivered.

‘Over the course of eight years, 32 children were born. We were a family. When I had to say goodbye… I’m not a real crier, but my lip went and I had to look away.’


3 Kiefer worked hard for his abs

‘The show’s physical,’ he says.

‘It’s not a question of if you get injured but when, so the better shape you’re in the better chance you have of getting through shooting. I was lucky that I had four months to prepare for this.’

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