Simon Cowell's new facial fuzz has caught our eye, so we tested some other famous beards on the X Factor judge

Has Simon Cowell simply forgotten to shave, or is he trying out a new, more rugged look for the new series of The X Factor?

His new stubble certainly gives him an edge he didn’t have before – we know and love him as the high-waistband sporting, chest-baring straight talker of The X Factor, not the cool beardy one.

Actually, we’re quite fond of the new fuzz. So much so that we decided to try out a few different beard styles on Simon, just in case he needed some inspiration. Look through the gallery above to see Simon sporting a selection of celebrity whiskers.

First up, it’s Shane West, of A Walk To Remember fame. Simon wouldn’t need to grow his beard too much to get the look – although he may need a little help to get that luxurious chocolate brown shade.

If it’s just the ‘tache he wants, he could try Poirot‘s famous waxed upper lip. It would certainly help keep X Factor contestants smiling – who could take his criticisms to heart with that kind of face furniture?

Our favourite style, though, is Gandalf‘s silver effort. It would certainly give Simon an air of authority (not that he needs any more of that), and would also pass as a hipster fashion statement if he ever wanted to go incognito in East London.

Guys, can we just get a job as Simon’s personal groomers like, right now?