Band 5 Seconds of Summer announce their UK tour as well as headlining the Radio 1 Teen Awards

If you’re worried about One Direction going on a break, then never fear because four other boys in a band are back on the scene.

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5 Seconds of Summer
Luke, Ashton, Calum and Mikey – better known as 5 Seconds of Summer (said in an Aussie accent of course) were on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show this morning with Grimmy, and as well as doing a live lounge and being revealed that they were headlining Radio 1’s Teen Awards, they had also announced that they’re going back on tour in the UK! Huzzah!

We’re so excited that we’re already looking forward to these 7 things we’re sure are bound to happen on the tour…

1.) Girls screaming

5 Seconds of Summer
They’re four boys in tight jeans, sweating about on stage in a band with instuments…of COURSE girls are going to be losing their minds! And with the boys now being a bit older – and wiser – we’re not gonna lie, we’ve got a bit of an inappropriate crush on them…

2.) Rocking out

When She Looks So Perfect first burst onto the scene, we could not stop singing along to it’s catchy medley. And with new single Hey Everybody! Being equally as infectious (anyone else getting Hungry Like The Wolf vibes?), we’re sure the crowd will be no doubt singing along.

3.) DJ Mikey

Oh, but if the boy’s usual punk-rock style isn’t your thing, be safe in the knowledge that Michael can mix up a song or two, as he showcased on Nick Grimshaw’s show…

DJ Michael is available for all birthdays and Bat Mitzvahs.

4.) Cool covers

And if that’s still not enough then we’re sure the boys will throw in a cover or two into their set. They’re not too shabby at them you know?

5.) Funny bone

At the end of the day, these are four lads touring and playing their music all over the world with their mates. That’s pretty cool right? So we love that they don’t take themselves too seriously and mess about having loads of fun. Carry on boys.

6.) Tons of thanks

Though they’re all piercings and tattoos, you could still bring one of these guys home to meet your mum and they’d charm the heck out of her. They’re just a lovely bunch!

7.) Ample of antics

A group of young males touring the world with their mates? Yeah, we’re expecting loads of behind the scene clips and LOLs please and thank you.

If their tour is anything like their performance at the Children in Need concert that we saw, then we’re in for a right treat!


Amy Lo