Applications are now open for The Great British Bake Off 2016! But have you got what it takes?

If you’ve found yourself thinking ‘I could do better than that’ during this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off the now’s your chance to do something about it – as applications are open for the 2016 series!

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Head over to the show’s website and you’ll find an application form for GBBO 2016 ready to download, full of questions about who taught you to bake, what time of day you bake, your proficiency in various types of pastry and even why you bake.

Anyone can apply provided you’re 16 years old or over, don’t have any professional baking qualifications and your main source of income isn’t baking.

Meet the requirements and keen to have Paul and Mary put you through your baking paces? Here’s five more signs you’d be right at home in the Bake Off kitchen…

1. You find inspiration in unusual places

Remember Tamal’sFennel and Rosemary Pulled Pork vol-au-vents earlier this series? They were inspired by a sandwich. But not just any sandwich – as Tamal said, it was one of ‘the top two sandwiches’ of his life. ‘I think about that sandwich a lot,’ he confessed. So, if you’ve ever found yourself munching on your lunch and thinking ‘these flavours would taste great wrapped in puff pastry’ then you may just be made for Bake Off.

2. You’re a Jack(ette) of all trades

The GBBO 2016 application form asks applicants to give details of their experience with and expertise in a long list of baking disciplines, including biscuits, cakes, break, desserts and no less than FIVE types of pastry. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert in all the fields to succeed – some of the best Bake Off moments are borne out of contestants beating the odds and rising to the top.

3. You can keep a straight face when talk turns to soggy bottoms

Or hot buns. Or cream horns. Because all it takes is one moment of lapsed concentration to let out a childish snicker to ruin your masterpiece…

4. You cope well under pressure

To (kinda) quote an old saying, if you can’t take the heat – stay out of the Bake Off kitchen! Reckon you could take the pressure of Mary’s brutal chocolate soufflé challenge without being reduced to tears like poor Nadiya? We’re not sure we could…

5. You’re the king or queen of one-liners

GBBO would be nothing without its characters, and it’s always the one-liners that go down in Bake Off history. Who’ll ever forget Tamal’s ‘Ah, maths’ comment after realising 50% grapefruit and 50% blood orange juice plus some honey didn’t quite add up? Or Nadiya telling Mel she’d been given paperclips to file away her recipe ‘in the folder that says NEVER BAKE AGAIN’? We’re still LOLing now!