Another day, another giant load of boyfriend points racked up by Calvin Harris

When your best mate invites you to a surprise birthday bash for her boyfriend, but you also have two of the world’s cutest cats to look after, what do you do?

Yes, this enormous #firstworldproblem hit Taylor Swift the other night, so she solved it the way any of us would – by enlisting her boyfriend Calvin Harris to cat-sit while she partied with Gigi Hadid at the party she’d thrown for Joe Jonas.

Kendall Jenner also showed up, and judging by the enormous crowd Joe posted on his Instagram, he’s a very popular man indeed. But the real star of the story is Calvin, who stayed at home in Taylor’s plush pad to look after her furry friends, Olivia and Meredith.

1. In the top spot, the time he babysat her cats.

taylor swift

Not only did he keep the adorable kitties entertained all evening, he also documented his pet-sitting on Snapchat, so Taylor could see what they were getting up to. Bless.

2. When he cast Taylor Swift’s BFF Gigi Hadid in his video

Taylor’s #squad is taking over Calvin’s life, too – the video for his new track How Deep Is Your Love has Gigi in it, generally being hot.

3. When he hung out and cooked with Taylor’s other BFF Karlie Kloss.

calvin harris, karlie kloss

Again, the #squad. As the Spice Girls wisely told us – if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Seems like Calvin is taking this advice.

4. When he gave her this adorable piggy back.

calvin harris, taylor swift

Who doesn’t want to be scooped up by a buff Scotsman?

5. When he took her on a boat trip down the Thames with all her mates

Nothing says transatlantic romance quite like a breezy sail under Tower Bridge.

6. When he showed off Taylor’s hidden talents

Taylor Swift

Calvin jokingly captioned this pic ‘She cooks, too!’ As if we needed reminding that there was nothing she can’t do.

Calvin, you are officially a keeper. Many hi-five emojis for you.

Lucky Calvin Harris! Taylor Swift could be buying THIS Scottish castle…

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