Some of these Back to the Future predictions for 2015 are scarily accurate...

It’s October 21 2015, which can only mean one thing…Back to the Future Day! When we first watched Marty McFly and his friend Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown travel into 2015, we could never have imagined how accurately they predicted all the latest future technology. Here are 7 of the latest technologies that they got spot on…


Justin Bieber’s got one, Wiz Khalifa’s got one, and the Beckham kids have got one each – the hoverboard has gone mainstream for 2015, and Back to the Future predicted the WHOLE thing. While most models can’t levitate like Marty McFly’s in the movie, it’s only a matter of time; Lexus have created a model that uses magnets to float on a specially-designed surface.

Tablet computers

The taxi driver in Back to the Future hands over a ‘currency device’ screen at the end of the journey – which, while it may resemble a retro Nintendo Game Boy, functions just like a modern day iPad.

Video glasses

Remember Marty McFly’s noisy kids, Marlene and Marty Jr.? They used video glasses to watch TV and receive calls, just like Google Glass technology. The only downside was that using the glasses stopped the kids from interacting with the world around them, like when Marty Jr. didn’t realise his mum had turned 30 years younger. Funnily enough, this was one of the main reasons that Google Glass never gained huge popularity…


Remember the USA Today news drone from the movie? Now anyone can buy their own drone on the internet – and CNN are already looking into using them for reporting purposes.

Flat screen TVs

If you’ve watched Back to the Future recently, did you notice the massive television that was totally flat? Chances are, you didn’t blink an eyelid, because this technology has gone from a dream to the everyday reality of many people’s homes.

Video conferencing

Marty talks to both Douglas J. Needles and Ito T. Fujitsu via video telephone calls on his (then-space age) giant television. With the invention of Skype and FaceTime, having a mate’s face pop up on our laptop screen or phone is just an everyday occurrence for us now in 2015.

Biometric security

The characters on Back to the Future use thumbprints to open doors and pay for taxis as well as eye-scanning for identification purposes, anticipating the latest TouchID fingerprint lock screen technology on the iPhone 6 as well as MasterCard’s new SecureCode system which relies on facial recognition technology.

Watch the original trailer below:

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter