We can OFFICIALLY reveal that this years The X Factor is going to totally kick butt... And here are seven reasons why....


*X-Factor arms* DU DU DU DU DUUU DU DU, DU DUUU DU DU DU DUU DU, DU DU DU DU DA DA DOOOO *sing to tune of X-Factor theme song*

IT’S BACK! With the new X Factor dream team Simon, Cheryl, Rita, Nick AND Olly Murs and Caroline Flack (more on that later), we can confirm what every X Factor head in the country has been hoping and praying to the Gods of undiscovered talent will happen: THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE MEGA!

Those pesky judges have been alluding to a very exciting series for months, leaving us pacing round the kitchen wondering exactly WHAT those  X Factor geniuses have tucked up their sleeve.  Well, wonder no more…WE BRING NEWS! And we’ve got an entire list of why it’s going to be so great for you lucky lot!

1. Meet the super SIX…

Yep, you heard… six. The four judges will be joined with sidekicks to help the search in the form of Olly Murs and Caroline Flack! The official press release states, ‘The brand new super SIX sees Simon, Cheryl, Nick and Rita take their places at the judges’ desk, while presenters Olly Murs and Caroline Flack will be guiding the search’.

2. WE choose the category for each judge?!

Well it makes sense really… now that Louis has gone who on EARTH will be the regular mentor for the Over-25’s?!…. You better be ready to get tap-happy with those Twitter fingers, as the press release reveals, ‘for the first time ever, the public will decide which judge gets which category – the Boys, the Girls, the Overs and the Groups – in an live vote on Twitter’.

3. The six-chair-challenge is BACK!

During Boot Camp the hopefuls will be subjected too… THE SIX-CHAIR-CHALLENGE. According to the release, ‘Once the judges have their categories it’s every act for themselves as Boot Camp continues with the return of the dramatic Six Chair Challenge, the remaining contestants will sing for one of the six sought after spots at Judges’ Houses’.

4. LIVE Judges’ Houses?!

It’s straight down to the nitty gritty this year, with the Judges’ House being broadcast STRAIGHT into our living rooms as and when they happen- ‘Judges’ Houses will be broadcast LIVE from four stunning international locations’… *don’t trip, don’t trip*.

5. It’s girl power all the way! 

We’re usually awash with tales of behind -the-scenes-bitching and frock-off’s but it looks like there will be non of that this year, as the interviews with the judges reveal Cheryl and Rita are basically the new Ant and Dec. Rita assured us,  ‘I actually think for the first time in a long time, that’s not going to happen. I think that once you start watching the show it won’t even be possible’.

6. There are going to be plenty of LOL’s provided by Grimmy…

It seems Nick has developed a knack of telling BFF Rita to say something (which is entirely wrong), for the amusement of everyone else. Cheryl revealed, ‘Grimmy is setting her up. And he’s loving it by the way! He’s crying laughing when she answers’.  You little pest, Grimmers!

7. There are two Olly Murs’…

We can think of worse things to be duplicated than Mr Murs… and this series features a contestant that is the absolute SPIT of our Olly–  Simon revealed, ‘He actually wants to be him. If Olly goes missing, then turn up at this guy’s house and look in the garage or the garden’… actually, we don’t know how we feel about that…

Don’t know about you but we’re certainly in The X Factor mood… *Sings Mariah Carey whilst shaking head by a fan for the hair-blowy-effect*.



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