What Strictly curse? Peter Andre couldn’t be more loved-up with Emily MacDonagh if he tried!

Whenever a married star signs up to Strictly Come Dancing there’s always talk of the dreaded ‘Strictly curse’ but it doesn’t stand a pig in hell’s chance of threatening Peter Andre’s relationship with Emily MacDonagh!


Emily talks Peter Andre and Strictly

The 42-year-old star – who married Emily, 26, in a romantic ceremony held at Exeter’s Mamhead House in July – can’t stop singing the praises of his doctor missus right now and his busy schedule on Strictly isn’t affecting it either.

In fact Pete’s gushing statements about Emily, with whom he has 21-month-old daughter Amelia, have got sweeter and sweeter in recent weeks.

We think it makes certain the fact that the singer will NEVER cheat on his wife, whatever believers of the Strictly curse might say! Here’s 7 things Pete’s said about Emily that totally prove our point (warning – these quotes are mind-blowingly cute)…

On the Strictly curse

‘Emily doesn’t need reassuring,’ Pete tells OK! ‘She’s so not the jealous type.’

On their friendship

‘I’m absolutely besotted with her, she’s the love of my life and she knows I’d never do anything to jeopardise our wonderful relationship. Ems is my best friend.’ Awww!

On Emily’s good looks

‘When I see Emily looking amazing […] I just go “Wow!”’ a smitten Peter Andre writes in his New! column. ‘She’s stunning.’

On her work

Pete is clearly proud of Emily’s job as a doctor and recently posted a smiley selfie of the couple on Instagram with the caption: ‘Happy you’re happy Doc :))’

On her ‘traditional’ home values

‘She wants us all having dinner around the table,’ Pete tells Fabulous magazine. ‘I love that’

On getting her permission to do Strictly

Peter admitted during a recent interview on Free Radio’s Jo and Sparky show: ‘Of course I asked her permission. Guys, I wear the trousers, but she picks ’em for me. She picks the colours, the size, the belt. I mean, you have to ask permission.’

On post-wedding bliss

‘I’m so happy to be able to call Emily my wife,’ says Pete. ‘I feel like the luckiest man in the world as I have married the most beautiful girl in the world, who is also my best friend. I have my soulmate for life by my side.’

And if that doesn’t prove Peter Andre’s complete and utter dedication to Emily than we don’t know what will!

Watch Peter Andre talk beauty…

Anna Francis