If you need to think of any reasons to love Fight Club's Tyler Durden, we've done it for you...


He’s the badass that every guy wants to be, and girls want to be with. And despite him being generally not a nice person, it doesn’t stop us loving Fight Club‘s Tyler Durden.  And who couldn’t? He was played by Brad Pitt.

He will pee in your soup, inserts nude clips into movies, and steals leftover human fat from liposuction clinics. Gross!

So here’s 7 of the things we love about the one, and only, Tyler Durden

What could be better than having your alter ego look like the super hot Brad Pitt? Er, nothing! And our favourite part is Tyler’s sixth rule for fight club: ‘no shirts’. Well, if you must! Ah we can still see Brad Pitt’s glistening abs now…

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2) He speaks a LOT of sense
Ty is known for giving inspirational speeches during Fight Club, and no wonder the narrator began to follow in his footsteps — he is right a lot of the time. Like when he said: ‘we work in jobs we hate, to buy [things] we don’t need.’ Maybe we wont buy THOSE shoes we *kind of* like, just because they are the last ones and in our size…

3) He knows how to dress
His wardrobe might scream 1999, and is Zoolander’s dream – but you have to admit that Tyler Durden’s style is pretty fly. THAT red leather jacket is just too cool, and somehow makes Brad even hotter. And THOSE rose-tinted glasses, no wonder he thinks he can improve society as we know it…

4) He knows how to get what he wants
Who other than Tyler Durden would be able to get a bunch of guys to: join a cult, pummle each other to pieces, and create a social revolution (project Mayhem). The king of manipulation, that’s who! Plus, who could say no to those dreamy blue eyes…

5) He makes anything cool
He oozes charisma from every cut and black eye on his beautiful face. Ty can get away with being an awful guy, but that doesn’t stop you, or anyone, from thinking he’s ultra cool. It doesn’t matter that he’s squatting in a house not fit for living in, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting one too.

6) His hair
Before he shaved his golden hair off, Tyler’s hair was spiked to perfection. And perfectly messy, which just said ‘yeah, I’m a bad boy’. It makes you just want to run your hand through it, and guys get their hair cut like it!

7) He can make soap
It may not be as steamy as the first reason, but we all love raiding Lush and relaxing with a nice bubble bath. So just imagine Tyler (lovingly) making you your own collection of bath products. And he’s pretty good at it too, because the high-end department stores LOVE it. Minus the human fat, obvs…

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