Did you know these things about Suranne Jones, star of BBC’s gripping drama Dr. Foster

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably know about the recent BBC series that’s gripped the whole nation by it’s infidelity drama.

Yep. That’s right. We’re talking about the one and only Doctor Foster.

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And while you may know all the ins-and-outs of Doctor Foster’s complicated life, did you know these facts about Suranne Jones who plays her?

1.) Carpophobia
While the rest of us may be scared of spiders or clowns, the 37-year-old actress actually suffers from carpophobia, which is a fear of wrists! ‘Growing up as a Catholic girl, seeing Jesus on the cross with the stigmata has made me not like wrists. You can see people’s veins.’ Eep!

2.) Chatterbox
Speaking of her religious upbringing, Suranne was so talkative as a child that her priest would say to her: ‘I’m praying you can concentrate just a bit more.’ LOL!

3.) Secret ceremony
Although she may have been a chatterbox as a child, Suranne is much more quiet about her private life these days. She was reported to have married fiancé Laurence Akers earlier this year in August, but they had actually gotten married in secret the year before when Laurence proposed to her just after six weeks.

4.) Say my name, say my name
Suranne’s real name is actually Sarah! Sarah Anne in fact (ahh, we see what she did there). While born as Sarah Anne Jones, she decided to adopt Suranne as her stage name as a homage and in memory of her great grandma. Aww.

5.) Madwoman

She’s gives an amazing performance every week as Doctor Foster, but her very own dad actually thinks she’s a bit cuckoo in it. After every episode, he texts her saying ‘you do bonkers really well don’t you?’

6.) Character chameleon
She may be known right now as Doctor Foster, but she’s played a whole range of amazing roles in the past already. From starring opposite David Tenant and playing a sergeant in Scott and Bailey, to starting off as Karen in ITV soap Coronation Street.

7.) I’m a Celeb? No thank you
Prestigious roles have no always been the case for Suranne. After she left the cobbles of Corrie, she had endless offers of reality TV shows thrown her way, saying that she got ‘lots of money to go off and eat a crocodile’s knob, or whatever.’ She politely declined and we don’t blame her.

8.) Hitting the jackpot!
Before all this acting malarkey, Suranne’s first EVER job was actually for the National Lottery. She was answering phones for Camelot while they were setting it up, but that didn’t last long as she ‘used to answer in silly accents’ to keep herself entertained. See, she was putting those acting skills to use long ago!