The grand final of our favourite TV show The Great British Bake Off is fast approaching! So, here's 8 things you NEED to know about loveable contestant, Nadiya

Nadiya from our favourite baking show The Great British Bake Off, – more formally known as Nadiya Jamir Hussain – has nabbed a place in the final this Wednesday, and here’s 8 things you need to know about the last standing female of the competition!

1. She’s a modern-day heroine

In her hometown of Luton, Nadiya, 30, is already seen as a rolemodel for many young muslim girls. The baking star said: ‘I was a bit nervous that perhaps people would look at me, a muslim in a headscarf, and wonder if I could bake. But I’m just as British as anyone else and I hope I have proved that.’ Of course you have Nadiya…we are a nation of cake lovers – and your cakes are beyond impressive!

2. She already has a very devoted fanbase

Lady GaGa has her Little Monsters, Justin Bieber has his Beliebers, One Direction have their Directioners – but it is time for them ALL to stand aside and make way for The Nadiyators! Nadiya has already gained over 22 thousand Twitter followers and even has her own website dedicated to her hilarious facial expressions which was created by her fans.

3. She wasn’t always aware of her talent

Nadiya didn’t have the luxury of having an oven in the house she grew up in. In fact, until her first cookery lesson in year 10, Nadiya had never even baked at all! Considering she has won star baker 3 times on the show, has sailed her way through to the final, and has proved to be the best female baker in Britain this year, we find that very hard to believe!

4. Baking is in her blood

Her father, Jamir Ali, has worked as a waiter at Champney’s Health Spa in Hertfordshire for several years, but he is a very talented cook himself! Her online profiles are full of photographs of her father making exotic dishes such as jackfruit seeds and eel. Her mother, Asma Begum, is also a skilled chef, who taught Nadiya all she knows about making pastries – it’s no wonder she’s such a talented baker!

5. Her and her husband are totally loved-up

At the age of 18, Nadiya was introduced to Abdal Hussain by friends, and just two years later in 2005 the pair were married. Abdal, 34 is an even bigger fan of Nadiya than we are! After her first star baker victory, he said: ‘I am the proudest husband on the planet. Maybe now you can believe in yourself Nadiya, like I believe in you!’ Awww! We just fell in love with her even more.


6. We all want her to live next door to us

Nadiya lives in a semi-detached house on a restidential street in Leeds – and after hearing what her neighbours have to say we are now looking to buy a house as close as possible to her. Her next door neighoubr, Margaret Nottingham, said: ‘She’s always inviting me round for a cup of tea and I’ve tried her blackforest gateau – that was beautiful’ – alright Margaret, no need to rub it in!

7. She’s multi-talented

As well as being a mother of three young kids and baking pretty much every day, Nadiya is also doing a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies. Hopefully she still has time in her busy schedule to knock up some more of those amazing peanut butter chocolate tarts – if they’re worthy of a handshake from the harsh judge, Paul Hollywood, we definitely need to try some!

8. She’s the nicest person. Ever.

We all know Nadiya for her adorable modesty, witty comments and funny facial expressions, but she’s also someone we would love to be best friends with. She even has a photograph on her mantelpiece at home surrounded by her fellow bake-off contestants. She posted the photo online at the start of the series, saying: ‘We are all in this together, friends for life.’ Maybe they will all reunite soon for a dinner party?

Alice Murray