After 22 - yes, TWENTY-TWO! - series, the current season of America's Next Top Model is set to be the last. From the show's crazy photoshoots to the epic makeovers, we've listed the things we'll miss most about ANTM

SOB! America’s Next Top Model is to be no more, host and creator Tyra Banks has confirmed.

In a tweet posted today, the model revealed that the current series – the show’s TWENTY SECOND – will be the last, with the last ever show set to be aired on 4 December in America.

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She posted: ‘Tyra mail! Thinking #ANTM22 should be our last cycle. I truly believe it’s time. May your pics be forever fierce. Keep on smizing! Tyra.’

The news has left us pretty devastated – like our favourite snuggly jumper or a Big Mac the morning after a heavy night out, we just assumed that ANTM would always be there for us.

So, in memory of the long-runnng show, we’ve listed the things we’ll miss most about ANTM. We hope it gives you a reason to smize…


Regular mail just seems so boring in comparison.


2. J. Alexander

We’ve only just got Miss J (and his amazing collection of headwear) back after he was fired in 2012 🙁 We’ll definitely miss his fierce style – and even fiercer one liners.

Miss J

3. The weird and wonderful photoshoots

Including the models posing in dresses made of human hair, one where they wore meat bikinis (how very Gaga) and even one where they channelled Zoolander and posed as homeless people. So derelicte.

4. It’s message of acceptance

The fashion industry often gets a bad rep for being exclusive and having a narrow definition of beauty, but ANTM has definitely challenged that preconception. Take for example transgender model Isis from season 11. Or the show’s first plus-size winner, Whitney from season 10. Or recent contestant Winnie Harlow, who suffered from a severe skin condition. Inspiring stuff.

5. Makeover week

Some were good. Some were bad. And some (usually the ones involving dramatic haircuts) even brought the model in question to tears after Tyra declared her ‘vision’ for her look. Remember when they had to SHAVE Bianca’s head in season 13?  Or the awful weave they gave Molly in season 16!?

Molly ANTM

6. The words ‘Congratulations, you’re still in the running towards become American’s Next Top Model’

How many times do you reckon Tyra has said this phrase over the years? Our estimate: a kabillion.

7. The way Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker made us feel inside

And the fact that he must always be referred to as Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker. Even though he, like Miss J, was sacked in 2012, we always hoped for a comeback from NFPNB.

8. The animals

From the cute (pups, orangutans, baby leopards) to the freaky (snakes, alligators, tarantulas), no season of ANTM was complete without an animal photoshoot. Because, #cute (except when it was #gross).

9. And finally – Tyra

Her quotes. Her finger-snapping. Her crazy eyes. Her ever-changing hairs. Her sass. Basically, just EVERYTHING about her.