Emmerdale star chooses snooze over booze

Actress Adele Silva says she’s nothing like her Emmerdale character, maneater Kelly Windsor. In fact, the 26-year-old says she’s the opposite of her wild child on-screen persona.

‘People are always surprised when they meet me,’ she says. ‘I wish I could be as feisty and flirty!

‘I’m a bit of a geek compared to her – I like cooking and staying in. I had a period of being a party girl, when I was about 21, but even then it was only every two or three weeks because I love my sleep too much.’

Perhaps she’ll have more time for partying after recently splitting from former Blue singer Antony Costa.

‘It’s very sad. We had two wonderful years, but hectic schedules and work commitments forced us apart,’ she tells Saturday magazine.

‘Some girls jump straight into a relationship after they split up from someone, but I’m very good on my own.

‘My mum always says that you should never go out and look for somebody because they will surprise you when you least expect it.’

Don’t count on it, Adele. You can’t win the Lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

Anna Taylor

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