Alex Reid hits back at ex-wife Katie Price in an explosive new interview, claiming she enjoyed wild sex with his alter ego Roxanne - and even made him up to look like her

Alex Reid has hit back at ex-wife Katie Price after she claimed to have pictures and videos that ‘could destroy him’ as she discussed their relationship – and his female alter ego, Roxanne – during a recent interview on This Morning.

In an explosive interview with New magazine, Alex – who split from Katie in 2011 after just one year of marriage – claimed Pricey ‘must be obsessed with me’ after she once again discussed their private life in public – and revealed amazing new information about their wild sex life.

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Asked how he felt when he saw Katie discussing their marriage on TV, Alex revealed: ‘I was surprised more than anything. Why is she still going on about me? I don’t get it.

He added: ‘Is she obsessed with me? I think she must be.’

And the 40-year-old former cage fighter expressed further surprise at Katie’s claims that he forced her to perform ‘obscene acts’ on him, claiming: ‘She enjoyed it as much as me.’

Alex said: ‘Do you really think that was against her will? No-one was holding a gun to her head.

‘I was encouraged to partake in intimate loving acts in the privacy of my own home. She even bought the clothes for sex!’

Alex went on to reveal that Katie actually had a hand in creating Roxanne’s look – and even tried to make him look like her!

‘Katie even did my make-up before bed,’ he claimed. ‘A professional did my make-up before we went out – but then I was supposed to look like Katie.’

When asked whether he was saying she wanted to sleep with him whilst he looked like her, Alex replied: ‘I never thought of it like that. Maybe she did! Like a Katie clone!’

Alex also expressed sympathy for Katie’s current husband, Kieran Hayler, saying: ‘I find it disrespectful that she keeps talking about me. But I know how he feels. I’ve been in his shoes and it’s not nice.’

And ahead of the release of a tell-all book about their marriage he’s penned, Alex said: ‘Unfortunately, Katie hasn’t stopped talking about me. Hence the reason I wanted to write my book and put my side of the story across.

‘In KP’s own words, ‘I never lie’ – and I know the truth will always come out.’

Ooh, we look forward to reading it, Alex!