Alicia Douvall comes close to death after yet more cosmetic surgery

Just four months after being ‘cured’ of her surgery addiction, an accidental overdose following a botched cosmetic op left Alicia Douvall minutes from death, Now can reveal.

The 29-year-old glamour model, who’s spent £1 million on 100 operations over 13 years, had vowed to quit surgery after spending a month in LA’s Passages rehab clinic last year.

But on 17 March Alicia flew to the US and spent £11,700 on operations on her lips, cheeks, ears, eyes and one nostril.

While recovering she accidentally overdosed on a lethal combination of painkillers and the controversial tanning drug Melanotan and was rushed to hospital fighting for her life.

On her flight back to the UK the next day she took four Valium, then seven morphine-based painkillers.

‘Then I was so out of it that I accidentally took 10 times the dose of Melanotan when I got home,’ Alicia tells us exclusively. ‘I remember being sick and speaking to a doctor, then being rushed to hospital.’

was discharged after having her stomach pumped. ‘It really shook me up,’ she admits. ‘The paramedics told me if they’d got there a minute later I would’ve died.’

Alicia’s now planning to return to Passages for further treatment.

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