Her drug possession arrest could throw tour into jeopardy

Amy Winehouse could be refused a visa from the US – because of her drug arrest earlier this month.

The troubled singer, 24, and hubby Blake Fiedler-Civil, 26, were fined £350 after being found in possession of cannabis in Norway.

Now Amy’s dad Mitch is concerned the incident will ruin her upcoming American tour.

‘Amy and Blake were told to sign a release form by Norwegian police – but it was actually a confession,’ he explains. ‘She can’t get into the US now because of that, even though it wasn’t her cannabis anyway.’

Although Amy’s making an effort to get clean from drugs, taxi-driver Mitch says he’s concerned that his daughter’s weight.

‘The other problem is the bulimia, which is still apparent, although she’s put on about a 14lbs,’ he tells This Morning.

‘She’s eating, although the eating disorder hasn’t been fully addressed. If you look at the photographs of her in August and see her now you will see a marked change for the better. But it’s a change for the better, it isn’t a cure.’

And Mitch, 57, readily admits he isn’t his son-in-law’s biggest fan.

‘If Blake gets hit by a car or accidentally hurt in any way, they’ll be straight round my house asking questions,’ he says.

‘She was a complete opponent of hard drugs. That changed when she started seeing Blake. I’m not saying that it’s Blake’s fault, but it’s a fact that the hard drugs coincided with their marriage.’

A spokesman for Amy and Blake declined to comment.

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