But the Waterloo Road star says it was still the best day of her life

Angela Griffin has revealed that being a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re immune to misfortune.

When the Waterloo Road actress married Jason Milligan 2 years ago at Babington House in Somerset, she experienced a string of accidents.

‘My shoes and my dress were handmade,’ she tells Now Celebrity Weddings. ‘The only problem was that both broke about an hour and a half after the ceremony.

‘The shoes broke while I was dancing and the dress strap snapped while the pictures were being taken. I wouldnt have minded but the dress cost almost as much as the reception!’

But it wasn’t just fashion disasters the 32-year-old had to contend with.

‘Jason was really ill,’ Angela explains. ‘He came down with a virus the night before. Everyone says it was nerves, but it carried on into our honeymoon in Crete.

‘But despite that we both had the most incredible day. In fact, were planning on renewing our vows in a few years, so Ill wear my dress again and get my moneys worth!’

The couple have 2 children, Melissa, 15 months, and Tallulah, 4.

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