The Waterloo Road star says everything from her shoes to her dress broke on the big day

Angela Griffin has revealed that not everything went according to plan when she married actor Jason Milligan.

The former Coronation Street actress, 32, wed Jason, 37, at Babington House in Somerset. But they had a few hitches to overcome before they could start married life.

‘My shoes were handmade and my dress was a beautiful designer creation, but both of them broke about an hour after the ceremony,’ she says.

‘The shoes broke while I was dancing and the dress strap snapped while the pictures were being taken. I wouldn’t have minded so much, except the dress cost almost as much as the wedding!’

But they weren’t the only disasters to befall the couple on the day.

‘Jason was really ill,’ Angela tells Now. ‘He got a virus the night before and everyone said it was due to nerves, but it went on all the way into our honeymoon!’

The couple have 2 daughters – Tallulah, 4, and Melissa, 1. 

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