Angry Angelina's 'shocking' proposition could be the final straw for fed-up Brad

After being on shaky ground for months and even sleeping in separate beds, as Now recently reported, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s relationship seems to have finally hit rock bottom after a blazing row over infidelity.

We can reveal that the couple, who often exchange insults in the heat of the moment, recently had a war of words that reached a shocking level even by their standards.

Angelina and Brad were having one of their arguments when she told him she was so sick of being stressed that she just yearned to be free and wouldnt care if they had other lovers, a friend of the couple reveals.

Mum-of-six Angelinas words show the volatile state of her and Brads once passionate relationship.

According to friends, although Angelinas been playing a monogamous role, the free-spirited star has never felt that infidelity was any grounds for problems between couples.

Not long before she met Brad on the set of 2005 film Mr And Mrs Smith, Angelina had openly admitted in an interview that she was dating two lovers simultaneously.

Ange has never been a traditional kind of girl, especially when it comes to romance, says the source. Even though Brad was attracted to her unconventional behaviour initially, at his core hes a traditional guy.

As open-minded as he tries to be, he certainly wouldnt be fine with her sleeping with another man and would definitely have resented the suggestion, even if it was a petulant slip of the tongue on her part.

See the full story about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Now magazine dated 13 April 2009 – out now!  

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