The star’s distraught about obsessed mother of 14

Angelina Jolie is totally creeped out by octupulets mum Nadya Suleman.

The controversial single mother – who’s given birth to a total of 14 artificially inseminated babies – looks like Angelina‘s twin.

With rumours circulating that 33-year-old Nadya’s had several operations to look like her idol, as well as mirroring the star’s facial expressions, hairstyle and wardrobe, it’s no wonder Angelina’s spooked.

‘She doesn’t want this woman looking like her,’ says an Angelina insider. ‘It’s embarrassing.’

Top celebrity plastic surgeon Alex Karidis – who hasn’t treated Nadya – agrees that there’s an unnatural resemblance between the two women.

Nadya looks a lot different now from earlier pictures of herself and disturbingly similar to Angelina,’ he says.

‘It looks like her mouth has been enlarged to re-create Angelina’s famous pout. Her nose has been pinched – again, it’s now very similar to Ange’s.

‘Their brows are almost identical and they both have smooth foreheads, which could suggest that Nadya’s had Botox.’

However, Nadya denies having had surgery to look like Angelina and says she’s not interested in celebrities. ‘My face gets very swollen when I get pregnant and it stays afterwards,’ she says regarding her transformed appearance. ‘I look weird.’

Nadya Suleman (below) and Angelina Jolie could be mistaken for sisters…

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