The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens cames out and fans react on twitter and crash ticket booking sites


The trailer for the upcoming Star Wars 7 film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released today – which you can WATCH below- and fans were suitably estactic about it all.

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Out on December 18th, the two and a half minute clip sees explosions aplenty, Darth Vadar back to his old tricks and up to no good, and X-wings and the Millennium Falcon whizzing around.

Unsuprisingly, some fans have already watched the trailer over and over again…

And it’s sage to say that we’re all pretty excited about the whole thing!

Some have expressed their excitement in a pretty simple way…

While others weren’t ready for how they were going to feel after watching the clip

Even the cynical amoungst us!

Honestly, it bought a tear to our eye…

Of course, there’s all the anticipated cameos that we’re looking forward to!

But there’s a couple of questions that we’re just DYING to know the answer to…

As well as, you know…WHERE IS LUKE SKYWALKER?!

But most importantly…

What on earth are you trying to do to us Disney and Star Wars?!

Sites have already crashed today with fans rushing to book tickets ready for December 18th, so if you’re trying to bag yourself some too – may the force be with you!