This morning Naughty Boy tweeted a cryptic message assumed to be aimed at Zayn Malik... what's happened now?!

It was probably our favourite celeb insult of 2015 so far, Zayn Malik brandishing music producer Naughty Boy a ‘fat joke’ (nothing like a good old playground insult to brighten your Twitter timeline).

And if you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat repeatedly tapping at your refresh button in the hopes Zayn and Naughty Boy will both refuel their tanks to return back to the Twitter battleground then hey kid, it’s your lucky day!

In the ripe hour of 2am Naughty Boy was up and thinking about someone. Fortunately for us, that someone was definitely not a love interest and it seems N-Boy (we’ll call him that for now) had other matters on his mind; he tweeted THIS cryptic message, widely assumed to be aimed at Zayn...

Considering the past events of this week (Zayn and Perrie Edwards calling of their engagement) the ‘engaged to karma’ comment seems to be a bit of a give away… just call us Sherlock *puts magnifying glass away*

The tweet has sparked outrage amongst Zaynaholics worldwide, who were concerned N-boy had broken his @ button, ‘@ him next time’, ‘indirecting people is immature’, ‘can’t you @’. Others were just downright furious about the entire thing- ‘Instead of bashing on a guy that has more figures than you have fans why don’t you work on that non existent career of yours’- the Twitter battlefield is certainly up and running.

N-boy has previously spoken about the original feud between the pair, caused by a leaked track, saying ‘I can deal with what he said but he knows the hate I’ve had to endure for him is the bit that upset me’ adding ‘three months ago he was calling me his best friend at the Asian Awards so it’s a bit sad’.

Zayn is yet to retaliate, and it seems he’s been too preoccupied at the tattoo parlour to unleash his inner keyboard warrior: the mysterious picture of a paper lotus flower on the top of a piano tweeted by the 22-year-old has now been appeared in ink on the star’s forearm.

As the tattoo is assumed to signify a fresh start for Malik (Lotus flowers traditionally symbolise rebirth) we wonder if the freshly re-born Zayn respond to this old feud?! Only time will tell…

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 Alice Perry