Megan McKenna has caused a divide in fans after sharing THIS...

If there is one story that has had us all in the feelz, it is 110% the turbulent Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks saga.

We’ve been up. We’ve been down. We’ve been practicing our Megan McKenna screw faces. Yup, it’s been a ride.

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So, after Pete’s sexting scandal came to press (leaving Pete Wicks well and truly scorned by the Megan McKenna flame), it appeared that the TOWIE duo were attempting to make amends on their relationship.

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However, just last week all this wonderful progress appeared to crumble around us. Again. Like c’mon guys, think of our poor feelings. Can we catch a darn break?!

As Pete’s new campaign for Ann Summers released, Megan was less than impressed at the lack of clothing involved in the shoot.

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Turns out, this was not concern over the fact it’s November and they very well could catch a chill or something dreadful…

After blasting the company, Megan turned her fury to Pete- tweeting ‘A leopard never changes its spots’. Which, ya’know, says it all really.

However, it looks like we’re back on better terms now- as Megs has taken to social media to share the details of the spa break she is currently enjoying with Pete.

After sharing a few Snapchats of her hotel room, the 24-year-old has shared a snap onto Instagram with the caption ‘Touched down… #SpaWeek’.

Touched down… #SpaWeek 🛁🍾✨ • • • Maroon trackie from @misspap

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Megs then shared a snap of herself kicking back in the tub, with the caption ‘Perfect end to a lovely night… Champagne & Watching first dates in the bath….’

Perfect end to a lovely night… Champagne & Watching first dates in the bath…. 🍾✨

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Fans were quick to notice that Pete was also sharing the hotel room, having shared a few Snapchats himself. Including this charming snap…



However, the latest updates from Meg’n’Pete has caused quite the divide between fans, with many criticising Megan’s decision to go away with Mr Wicks.

Many fans have jumped to the TOWIE gal’s defense, however, with comments reading ‘Some of the comments on here are so rude, give the girl a break‘ and ‘Why write such horrid stuff! They’re jealous of you Megan’.

C’mon guys, sometimes a ‘gal just needs an extended break at a luxury spa. *Ahem*.

Alice Perry