Oops - Ariana Grande claims she didn’t mean for the world to see her snogging gal pal Elizabeth Gillies

We’ve all experienced that dreaded moment where you send a text to the wrong person or post something you totally didn’t mean to on social media (damn you, technology) and it’s pretty gut-wrenching stuff.


Ariana Grande does best Britney impression EVER

Total panic usually ensues – who saw it? Did they screen grab it? Has it been saved in the big scary internet for all time?

So imagine how horrifying it must be when you’re an actual famous person with millions watching your every move on Instagram and you go and share a private picture/video/anything on Instagram. MAJOR cringe.

Ariana Grande is the latest star to fall victim to this and in quite some style. The 22-year-old star only went and posted a video of her KISSING gal pal Elizabeth Gillies on the lips, something she says she totally didn’t mean to do…

‘my favorite video of all time @lizgillz. (p.s. this was totally posted by accident ),’ Ariana told her followers.

After noticing what she’d done Ariana explained on Twitter…

Oops. Ah well, at least Ms Grande wasn’t too embarrassed about her slip-up and besides, she’s certainly not the first star to click and regret. These guys did it too…

Caroline Flack

Poor Cazza fell victim to an Instagram update last month. The presenter seemed to forget that pics don’t have to be square anymore (woohoo!) and ended up flashing her nipple in a topless selfie that was meant to just show off her snazzy hairdo (not so woohoo). She quickly deleted it and reposted the snap with boobs safely cropped out.

Marc Jacobs

Fashion designer Marc ditched the clothes for a totally butt naked photo posted on Instagram a few months ago. The snap showed his bare, ahem, lower body and was captioned: ‘It’s yours to try!’ It appeared that he’d meant to send the saucy picture as a private message – oops.

Michelle Keegan

Back in her Coronation Street days in 2013 Michelle accidentally revealed the outcome of a major storyline about who was the father of Kylie Platt’s baby. The actress Tweeted a photo where her script was visible, unwittingly sharing with fans the identity of the tot’s father. Luckily she soon erased the snap.

Lauren Goodger

The Sun reported last year that Lauren posted a raunchy photo of her bare bottom by accident – oh Lozza, what are you like?! The lesson here is – think before you click, people.

Anna Francis