We know this family LOVE attention but Kim Kardashian was making sure all eyes were on her with THIS photos

You know you’ve made it in life when the run up to your eighteenth birthday is even bigger than all our birthdays (and probably even Christmases) combined. In fact, the fiesta that has become the run up to Kylie Jenner‘s birthday is SO big we’re demanding a national holiday in celebration of the event- call it Kristmas or something.

The festivities all kicked off with Kylie giving a lil’ something back, instagramming a snap of her donation to the LA childrens hospital with the caption ‘let the birthday celebrations begin! First stop: @childrensla’. Then the entire Kardashain/Jenner clan (Kris and Caitlyn were BOTH present) united for one family meal we wouldn’t much mind going too… Kylie then received her ‘pre-birthday’ gift (we didn’t even know this was a thing), a gift so magical we’d give all our hot dinners to own it- a Hermes Birkin bag.

BUT WAIT!!! It seems there is a double celebration for the Jenner/Kardashian family this week! Kim has only gone and reached 42 million followers on Instagram! And in celebration of this massive feat Kim has… POSTED A SELFIE!!! Wait, what do you mean you’re not impressed?! A selfie? Kim?!

Okay, we get that it’s not exactly the most unusual thing for the 34-year-old to do (Yes, we are aware of her book Selfish), but perhaps you’ll be more impressed when you learn this…

In the spirit of the season (it being Kristmas and all) Kim has given us all a gift like no other- the gift of her majestic cleavage. Captioned simply ’42 mil’, Kimmy has left us with no questions as to exactly whose milkshake it is that brings all the boys to the yard.

However, Kimmy’s gift wasn’t well received by ALL 42 million followers, as some comments read ‘People actually idolize this? I am appalled at today’s world, for real’ ‘You should be ashamed. Get some class’ but hey, you can’t please everyone!

So considering it tis’ the season to be jolly (and jelly of Kim’s very impressive boobies), happy 18th Kylie!

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