Have Marnie Simpson and Ricky Rayment split?!

HOLD ON TO YOUR HORSES AND DOWN THAT VODKA AND COKE (this is, after all, a Geordie Shore related story).

Sad news has just torn through the world of reality TV, leaving everyone clutching at their fake tan and questioning if true reality love will ever exist…

It appears Marnie Simpson and Ricky Rayment are finito. No more. Kapoosh. *Choir of sobs tear through window and knock us square out*.

After Marnie’s absence from an event on Saturday night in Brighton, which she was expected to attend with her Essex beau Ricky, we assumed Marnie had simply chose a night in front of the telly instead, most likely with a curry or something for company… (and we didn’t blame her, The X Factor is back after all).

However the events that followed this decision have told us otherwise, and have in fact lead to us (almost) hating curry and nights in, as yesterday, Marnie updated her Twitter with several tell-tale ‘WE BROKE UP’ signs.

For one, she unfollowed Ricky (whom returned the favour). She then removed him from her bio. She THEN tweeted ‘I couldn’t of ever imagined what this day would bring. My heart is broken’.

Fans were hot on the tail of these updates, with replies reading ‘I’m sorry to hear the sad news. Time heals all wounds. It’s a cliche but it’s true.’, ‘you deleted him off here and Instagram days and days ago!’, ‘hope ur gonna be ok Hun x’.

Ricky is yet to comment on any type of heartbreak of his own. He instead seemed to enjoy his 25th birthday, tweeting ‘Thanking everyone for their birthday messages today! I really appreciate it xx’. At least it doesn’t look like there will be any awkward run ins between the pair, as Ricky is currently in Thailand with friends filming a secret project.


Alice Perry