Fancy becoming an internet superstar? You will after you see how much Zoella is making

After building up an army of over six million subscribers online since 2009, the internet isn’t the only thing Zoella aka Zoe Sugg is owning anymore.

The 24-year-old YouTube super star can now add homeowner to her list of titles (along with author, beauty guru and all-round internet sensation) after moving into her own £1 million five-bedroom mansion in Brighton before Christmas.

Don’t worry, this baffled us a little too!

So we’ve done some digging and looked into how lucrative internet blogging is and you’ll be shocked at what we’ve discovered.

In what can only be described as the biggest year of her life – we can exclusively reveal that the Zoella brand has made an estimated £10,642 a day these past 12 months. 

That works out at £443.41 an hour. 

Not bad for a brand that’s been built entierely from a young girl’s bedroom!

Take a look over Zoella’s various business ventures below and see just how internet bloggers are pulling in mega bucks.


With YouTube being the heart of Zoe’s career, the pre-roll adverts before each of her videos is where she makes her most consistent money.

A source revealed to Now that YouTube vloggers make ‘on average $0.001 per view.’ – and with Zoe’s channels averaging 22 million video views a month that works out a £15,000 monthly cheque. Damn! 

And after pulling in 264 million views since February last year, that equates to £170,553 in video ads alone.


Away from Youtube, the written blog then pulls in 7.4 million unique views a month, which generates an estimated £4,000 a month from ads too.

Taking that total to an estimate £48,000 worth of revenue for the past 12 months.

Product Placement

Although the money is consistent from her pre-roll ads, the big amounts come in through companies wanting to place their products alongside her beauty tips – she can charge up to £20,000 a pop to promote a product in her videos.


Despite the controversy surrounding the release of her ghost written debut book Girl Online, it’s still managed to shift 298,310 copies since its release on November 25 and has racked up £2 million in sales so far, which Zoe will presumably receive a percentage of.

If this wasn’t staggering enough, Zoe was also paid a whopping £100,000 advance before it even hit the shelves.


After launching her first ever Zoella beauty products exclusively with Superdrug in September, the line managed to sell a record breaking 70,000 units in its first month alone.

And with the average price of one of the products being £6.50, that works out an estimated £455,000 in sales. It is unknown how much of a cut Zoe sees of that amount.

In the following four months since Superdrug released these stats, it’s estimated the range has gone on to sell a further 150,000 units resulting in an additional £975,000 of sales.


Along with her fellow blogger boyfriend Alfie Deyes, brother Joe Sugg and BFF Tanya Burr, last year Zoe and her friends launched their own three date mini tour titled Amity Fest – with Zoella being the most popular of the bunch and the main selling point.

Hitting Birmingham, Liverpool and Brighton across three days – ticket sales alone generated a whopping £115,785 before factoring in the merchandise each blogger sold at the event.

Combining all these estimated totals and calculating in just one count of product placement, that takes the grand total the Zoella brand has made in the past 12 months to £3,884,338.

Obviously you’ve got to take out the large cuts of various agents, management and production costs from these totals – but as a whole, it seems blogging is a business built on a gold mine if you get it right.

Which Zoe seems to be doing perfectly fine.

We don’t know about you but we’re thinking buying a camera and setting up our own YouTube accounts could be more cost effective than doing our day jobs!

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  • Alex Berish

    Mate, people have been YouTube stars making six figure salaries for nearly 10 years now. There are over 2,000 of them making at least 100k/year. It’s an industry.

  • Jonwick

    True, but the economy being manipulated here is a fickle and temporary one.. Sure there will always be brain dead teenage girls who’s daddys bend over backwards to accommodate their wasteful existences but at some point, the fundamentals suggest this can not go on forever. Again, teens mostly likely get this money from their parents, who will find in the near future their incomes dwindle due to inflation, redundancies , and even just technology. And of course, when the teens grow up and realise how retarded they’ve been and don’t wish to see their younger siblings fall for the same traps they will be more informed and hopefully, when it is required in the near future for teens to break a few bones in the coal mines, they will be more discerning with their money.

    Supporting Zoella and her band of merry idiots , selling the ideology that you can mask physical unattractiveness and a terrible personality with makeup will soon end.