Austin let rip in the Diary Room but it didn't go down well with viewers

Austin Armacost seemed to be in a pretty bad way on Tuesday night’s Celebrity Big Brother when he was seen screaming in a Diary Room meltdown.

But viewers weren’t overly sympathetic, with many accusing the reality star of FAKING the scene.


Everything you need to know about CBB’s Austin Armacost

It all unfolded when Austin – who was seen rowing with housemates including Stacy Francis and James Jordan during the programme – told Big Brother that he felt ready to leave.

‘Don’t try and talk me out of it, my mind’s made up,’ the 28-year-old explained in the Diary Room.

He called CBB a ‘f***ed-up situation’ and said that being without his boyfriend was proving difficult for him.

Then Austin became insistent and started screaming about wanting to go home as he banged on the wall.

He ended up taking his top off, apparently in an attempt to remove his microphone, as he paced up and down and threatened to rip the door off.

‘This is not a fun experience for me, you know that,’ he cried. ‘I’m f***ked-up in the head right now.’

Eventually Marc Jacobs’ ex was calmed down and persuaded to stay but it sounds like many viewers would rather he had left, having accused him of putting the whole thing on.

‘Fake and dreadful acting,’ one wrote, whilst another added: ‘acting is not his strong suit lol’

Other cutting remarks about the scene included ‘omg austin how embarrassing, so fake its tragic #cbb’ and ‘Omg this is such bad acting – really s*** to watch Austin #cbb cringing’.

The comments just kept on coming in fact…

Yikes. It seemed to lead many viewers to side with James J when he and Austin ended up in a heated argument at the end of the episode.

One watcher posted on Twitter: ‘James J is my new hero! Austin needed putting in his place! #cbb’

Meanwhile another said: ‘How can Austin speak to people the way he does and get away with it. Delighted James stood up to him’

With Austin nominated for eviction, those viewers unimpressed with his antics will be hoping he’s the one to go!