Avril Lavigne has hit out at Taylor Swift, after she reportedly like rather unflattering fan post...

In the same way we keep finding ourselves seven metres deep in the biscuit tin, it seems Taylor Swift has developed a knack for accidentally finding herself caught up little rifts… Oh Swifty…here, have a biccy.

And it looks like Taylor is now under the firing line of Avril Lavigne, resident skater girl who doesn’t like your boyfriend and thinks you need a new one.

The Bad Blood (sorry, we had to) began with Taylor, 25, reportedly liking a picture on Tumblr which painted her in a light as flattering as your favourite Instagram filter. The post showed Taylor greeting fans in her usual lovely way, and then compared this to a range of other celebs with fans (one of which was 30-year-old Avril), who all looked rather standoffish…


This certainly wasn’t to Avril’s taste, who proceeded to skate on over to Twitter (again, sorry we just have to) to tweet ‘Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are. We all love our fans’- which she accompanied with a montage of herself lending out some Levigne lovin’ to her fans.

In all honesty, the girls should probably just be happy to be able to post these types of fan montages- if we were to make one it would literally just be multiple pictures of us clutching at our cats….

However, the post has caused a bit of an online rift over Taylor‘s intentions- one thread read ‘why are people getting mad because she liked a picture? She doesn’t mean anything towards other artist‘, to which someone replied ‘Don’t be naive. She hates Katy Perry & she was looking down on Britney & Avril too. It’s not fair...[next tweet] She doesn’t get along with Katy Perry (Bad Blood). Maybe that is the reason why she liked that edit, but it wasn’t a good act’. 

If we were Taylor we’d maybe start coming up with some ‘My hamster ran over my keyboard and must have accidentally liked it’ type excuses pretty sharpish…

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