Peter Andre admits he is struggling with their long-distance romance

We all know that Peter Andre

is a major family man, so it’s hardly a surprise that he’s totes missing his

fiancée and their little girl Amelia, while they’re apart for work.

Emily MacDonagh, 25, has moved back home to her parents’ home in Somerset

temporarily, as she finishes her course at Bristol University. Meanwhile Peter has been busy touring the country as part of his Big Night tour.

In his weekly column, Pete says: ‘Going from living together all the time to seeing

each other just once a week hasn’t been easy.’

Peter and his wife-to-be

have nine-month-old daughter together, Amelia, along with his two other children

with Katie Price, Princess and Junior. The dad admits that he’s hating

not having the whole family together.

‘I’m really missing the

family unit, so I can’t wait until we’re all under the same roof again,’ he


And with Amelia being still

a baby, there’s something new every week that she’s learnt. 

‘She has just started

waving, which is so cute! She’s only nine months but she’s developing really

quickly,’ Pete said proudly.

What a cutie!

While they’re both missing

one another at the mo, Emily may not be missing the pet names that Pete has for

her, as much.

He confesses in New! magazine: ‘Ems and I

don’t really have pet names. I did go through a phase of calling her “embolism”, but then I realised it wasn’t really a compliment.’

Peter Andre has drawn a picture of what he thinks he looks like. And this is, er, it

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