Coronation Street star posts sexy selfie

Brooke Vincent had an encounter with her TV ex yesterday.

The actress bumped into former Coronation Street co-star Sacha Parkinson, who used to play her on-screen love interest, and the two posed for a funny selfie together.

Awkward when you run into your EX,’ Brooke, 21, captioned the photo on Instagram.

Brooke looks sexy and flashes her cleavage in a low-cut top as she glances at Sacha, 22, over her shoulder.

Sacha left her role as Corrie‘s Sian Powers in 2011 after fleeing her wedding to Brooke‘s character Sophie Webster but the actresses remain close pals.

Lots of Brooke‘s fans love their friendship too, which they’ve labelled Bracha.

After her reunion with Sacha, Brooke headed off to watch Miley Cyrus perform in Manchester and shared a photo of the singer straddling a giant hot dog as part of her show on Twitter.

Go on @MileyCyrus- ,’ the actress wrote.

It seems that Brooke can see a bit of herself in naughty Miley, 21.

she’s crazy!!!!! Swears a lot… Reminds me of myself ,’ the Corrie star Tweeted to a friend.

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