A stripper, an Ex on the Beach star and 2016's Miss Nigeria. What could go wrong?


For the first time in BB history, some of the housemates are competing in pairs.

Yup, it’s gunna be like an entire Big Brother house of Jedwards. Absolute scenes, we’re telling ‘ya.

And so, since hearing the goss of the upcoming season having individual and coupled contestants, we’ve haven’t had a clue what to expect from the upcoming BB series.

And so, with Big Brother about to hit up our ol’ boxes on Monday of next week, we thought it was high time for a sneak peak of what is to come….

Big Brother fans unite- here are your first six housemates, as revealed by Channel 5 today!

1. Lohan Carter… 

28-year-old Lohan is taking on the UK’s most famous house solo. However, we’re pretty sure he’ll do quite alright for attention- as the ‘fella is a profesh stripper as  a member of dance group Dreamboys.

Yup, we’ve got a feeling you might not be lonely for *too* long Lohan.

Oh, and side note- Pineapple Dance Studios star Louie Spence is his real life, biological Uncle. Cool, right?!

2. Kayleigh Morris…

28-year-old concessions manager Kayleigh isn’t here to play emotional games- and has warned BB viewers that she doesn’t tend to ‘think before I say it’. Eek!

Oh, and if you recognise Kayleigh it’s because she’s *totally* starred in Ex of the Beach.

3. Imran and Sukhvinder…

The first BB couple announced are Imran and Sukhvinder.

Now married, 39-year-old Imran and 38-year-old Sukhvinder are childhood sweethearts, having met aged 8 and 9. However, the couple had to keep their relationship under wraps from their strict families for quite some time.

The pair decided to join the BB hall of fame because ‘life is an amazing gift and if you’re not on TV then who are you?!’. Suits us, guys!

4. Deborah and Hannah…

Sisters Deborah and Hannah have big plans to take BB by storm as the second announced duo. 23-year-old Hannah (left) is the current reigning 2016 Miss Nigeria, and has high hopes to ‘inspire the youth of todays UK-born-Nigerians to embrace their culture’.

Big sis Deborah wants to show the UK that single mums ‘can be ambitious, successful  and don’t have to shy away’. Preach!

Catch this seasons BB launch on Monday the 5th of June at 8:30pm on Channel 5- be there or be square!

Alice Perry