Here's all you need to know about Ben Haenow's new music!

After winning the X Factor almost one-year-ago, Ben Haenow is back.

And if you’ve been wondering where he’s been hiding out, the quick answer to that is America, where’s he’s been working non-stop on his debut album.

Which is basically now 99.9% finished ahead of its November release.

So to celebrate this, last night we headed off to hang out with the champ himself and see what he’s got to say while listening to the record.

Here’s five things we learned…

1) He counts Simon Cowell as ‘family’

After Si coached him to success last series, Ben keeps in regular contact with the X Factor judge, telling us: ‘Simon’s heard most of the tracks and is really excited. He’s like family really, whenever you’re nervous or worried about something he’s there. I phone him every now and then, but I wouldn’t want to annoy him by WhatsApp’ing constantly.’

2) Ben’s ready to bare his heart

‘I want to get across some of my stories and experiences on the album,’ he tells us. ‘All aspects of my life were on display on the X Factor and I think it’s nice people got to know me on there. Now they can relate to me a little more with the album.’

3) How emotional does it get?

The quick answer to that? Well emotional. There are a couple of big ballads on the record, which Ben admits were particularly difficult to put together, telling us: ‘This was the first time I’ve delved into my emotions and heart, and it was tough. One song is all about the arguments you have because you’re in love, and the arguments you have to fight for that love.’

4) Kelly Clarkson wasn’t always meant to be on his single Second Hand Heart

Ben may have bagged himself a duet with the Clarkson on his debut single Second Hand Heart, but that wasn’t always the case, he tells us: ‘It was originally a solo song, it wasn’t until we got back to the UK that Kelly got involved. She’s incredible though, when we shot the video she did everything in one take, where as I couldn’t even tell you how many it took me.’

5) What does it all sound like though?

Without coming across all clichéd, there really is something for everyone. There’s big ballads that wouldn’t sound out of place in a stadium, catchy pop choruses that’ll be stuck in your heads for days and little elements of his rocky roots to give it even more edge.

You won’t be disappointed, let’s put it that way.

*Second Hand Heart is out October 16

Ben Haenow