Sherlock star says he's been on a steep learning curve

Benedict Cumberbatch is still coming to terms with being famous.

The actor, 37, was thrown into the limelight when Sherlock debuted to great success in 2010 and he admits that it’s been a difficult journey at times.

You can’t imagine fame,’ Benedict writes in a Reddit Ask Me Anything web chat.

You can only ever see it from an outsider and comment on it with the rueful wisdom of a non participant.

When it happens to you, it doesn’t matter what age or how, it is a very steep learning curve.

‘The important thing to realize in all of it is that life is short, to protect the ones you love, and not expose yourself to too much abuse or narcissistic reflection gazing and move on.’

Even though being in the public eye can be difficult, Benedict is grateful for the opportunities it brings.

If fame affords me the type of ability to do the kind of work I’m being offered, who am I to complain about the downsides,’ says the actor.

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