Actress says Hollywood no longer makes films of substance

Bette Midler has revealed that she’s no fan of today’s film industry.

The actress says she’s decided to concentrate on singing instead.

‘Look at the movies that they put out,’ she says. ‘It’s so junky. So much junk, it’s like the food. No content. Nothing.

‘If you’re a performer like me the only thing you can do is [sing] live. So people of a certain age are back on the road, doing what they do well.’

Bette, 62, says she has little time for the younger generation of artists who don’t appreciate their success, particularly Amy Winehouse.

‘She has no history. She doesn’t know where she could be standing in the continuum of singers. If she did, she wouldn’t trash herself so,’ she tells The Guardian.

‘She’d have a little more self-respect. It’s very sad. Such a waste.’

Isobel Smith