Beyonce posted a video on her YouTube channel dedicated to rapper Nicki Minaj

We would be dead chuffed if our friend had written a song and dedicated it to us. Now, imagine if that friend was the one and only Beyonce.

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Well, rapper Nicki Minaji doesn’t need to imagine such things because Beyonce only went and posted a video of the two of them practicing a performance on stage together, and just casually rapped a little rhyme dedicated to the 32-year-old Super Bass-er.

Titled Darling Nicki (Minaj), the black and white video sees some behind-the-scenes shots of the both of them on stage, mirroring each other moves, and you can hear the smooth-as-silk dulcet tones of the Bootylicious babe singing some pretty sweet lyrics about her buddy.

‘I met this girl named Nicki, I guess you could says she was the rap queen. I met her in the studio lobby, but her booty look bigger in the magazines.’

‘She said “B, will you jump on this song of mins?” How could I resist when I heard little Nicki rhyme?’

Well, when Queen Bey herself admires and dedicates some lyrics to your bum – your life’s pretty much made right?

The 34-year-old Crazy in Love singer posted the video to promote the fact that the live version of the song they duetted on together, Feeling Myself, was available on exclusive video streaming site, Tidal.

Can we get a rap written about us too Bey? We only want a short little one…promise….