The easy weight loss plan is back this Sunday in Fabulous, exclusively with The Sun

Bianca Gascoigne is rocking a super-hot bod after dropping an impressive 1st in just six weeks.

The pretty reality star, 27, now has a toned and healthy bikini body thanks to shedding the pounds on Fabulous’s No Diet Diet.

Amazingly, Bianca – who’s the stepdaughter of footballer Paul Gascoigne – was allowed to eat curries, drink wine and indulge in chocolate on the super-simple weight loss plan.

Want to slim down but still enjoy treats like a KFC Grilled BBQ Ranch Burger or a McDonald’s double bacon and egg McMuffin? This is the diet for you!

And with the weather heating up, it’s just the right time for you to get fit for summer.

For more details on the No Diet Diet, click here.


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