A slight Big Brother plot twist...


Big Brother may have only been back on our boxes for just over a week, but this years batch of contestants are managing to cause all types of mayhem.

Of course, not that we’re complaining or anything…

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And so, whilst we’re kinda disappointed, we were anything than surprised to hear that there had been an explosive turn around in the UK’s most famous house- with Arthur Fulford having left the show!

Picture shows: Arthur

As confirmed by reps for the show, Arthur has made a departure over the weekend- as seen in scenes which will air in tonights show.

Taking to Twitter, the Big Brother page has shared a message which reads: ‘BREAKING NEWS: Big Brother announces that Arthur will not be returning to the House! #BBUK’. 

The 24-year-old posh totty had managed to ruffle quite a few feathers during his time in the house. And whilst the reasons for Arthur’s official decision to leave the show are yet to be revealed, it is currently being speculated that a fight with Ex on the Beach ‘gal Kayleigh Morris which has thrown the ‘fella over the edge.

During a v. heated altercation with Kayleigh late las week, Arthur had told her that she was ‘bullying’ him before controversially telling her ‘you’re not a woman. There’s no way any woman would behave this way’.

Yup… that happened.

And whilst the news of Arthur’s departure has only just broken, many fans have been quick to take to social media to comment on the decision.

Some are pretty darn gutted for the ‘fella…

Whilst others agree that the situation with Kayleigh had become far too heated.

And oxthers think the decision is for the better…

Yikes! We’ll have to tune in to the show tonight to decide our own opinion on Arthur’s departure. Tweet us your thoughts @CelebsNow!

Alice Perry