Was this inking a mistake?

Cast your mind back just a few months and you may remember this year’s series of Big Brother. No, not the January, celebrity edition where Steremy, Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell‘s doomed house romance had the nation captivated.

And no, further back from the Summer celeb fest that saw Stephen Bear annoy his housemates all the way to the winners position… somewhere in between them both occurred a traditional run of the Channel 5 staple, in which long-time reality TV hopeful Ryan Ruckledge served some time and fell in love with finalist Hughie Maughan.

So to commemorate his time in the house, he’s had the iconic Big Brother eye logo tattooed on the back of his neck – and it’s had something of a mixed review from the people of Instagram!

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Ryan took to his Instagram profile to share a picture of his controversial inking, obtained during a trip to Dublin with his beloved.

‘It took me eight years to get into that Big Brother house but was always a dream for me to go on that show and what an amazing experience it was,’ he began his gushing caption on the picture.

‘Met some amazing friends in that house and an amazing guy so thought why not get the big brother eye tattooed on me to remember the most memorable summer of my life!’

Fair dos – he also got a tattoo of Hughie’s name less than a month into their relationship, so this only seems right! However, it seems as if not every follower he has is quite so impressed with his new art piece…

‘What a t*sser!’ reads the mocking response of one user, while others choose to describe Ryan as a ‘moisty’ and a ‘fool’.

‘That looks minging!’ reads one comment – ouch!

However, there are plenty who are fans of the tat, with one explaining how much she admired the sentiment of the tattoo:

‘Oh my god that is beautiful and it has a story to it. Im so happy you got in after all that time. Maybe one day my dreams will come true too.’ [sic]

Ahh – we say as long as he’s happy with it, he may as well enjoy it! If he ends up regretting it, however, at least the tattoo is somewhere where he won’t see it every day!